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Welcome to Nandadeep Education Society

Welcome to the inspiring and ever – expanding world of Nandadeep Education Society. As the name implies it is indeed a ‘DEEP’ in the lives of thousands of economically backward and Less privileged classes of the society. What started in i960 has truly become a movement today and it continues to bring in new hopes & smiles in the lives of children staying in parvati area. We are proud to have built an institution with a character. Late shrimati Sushilabai Joshi and Late Shri. Shantilalji Kothari had started this school with as Less as five students in a small room.


Today with over 1500 Students Learning in our various division. NES is Looked upon as an institution With a character. Education for us is a noble & dignified way of helping the children of suppressed class to be on their own and earn a respective living. we are proud to have engaged in building generations of knowledgeable young citizens of India since last six decades. In this endeavour, the people who have supported us in more than many ways are as mentioned below. They honestly are our guiding forces and inspire us to lead a righteous path of Selfless passion. We are and will always be grateful to them.

Aims & Objective

  • To provide an educational platform for advanced studies in the field of Arts &Commerce.
  • To make the students aware of the latest developments and technology used in the field of Arts &Commerce.
  • To develop skills of the students and make them techno – savvy so as to face challenges in the open world.
  • To provide basic knowledge of the Principles of Arts &Commerce.
  • To develop skills of the students and make them techno – savvy so as to face challenges in the open world.
  • To enhance the overall personality of students in a holistic manner.
  • To create practicalsocial aspects of Arts &Commerce.
  • To prepare students for higher streams of Arts &Commerce faculties.

Shri. Nagarajji Ranka Balak Mandir

Samajbhushan Baburao Phule Secondary Highschool

Sou. Gulabbai Kataria Praimary School

Samajbhushan Baburao Phule Junior College of Commerce and Arts

Features of School

  1. Clean and beautiful environment
  2. Experienced teachers
  3. Semi English medium available 
  4. Clean and separate toilets for boys and girls 
  5. Filter system for drinking water 
  6. Personal attention for the progress of student
  7. E-learning facility is available and taught online 
  8. Independent facility of computer education 
  9. Well equipped library and up-to-date laboratory, up-to-date facilities 
  10. 5th and 8th Scholarship examinations are more time consuming. 
  11. Various activities.


Nandadeep Education Society’s Samajbhushan Baburao Secondary School and Junior College Parvati Pune 9.

Make sure your child has access to your home from your mobile now.

All the parents are informed that the work of giving new admissions for the academic session year 2020-2021 for class 5th to 10th has started at Samaj Bhushan Baburao Phule Secondary School and Junior College. Parents who want to get admission for their child should confirm their admission by filling the link given below. This link is for new entrants only.


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